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This campaign is a literal return to Ravens Bluff. I will be starting with the very first Living City module, Caravan.  For the majority of its life, the campaign was run under Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition rules. If time permits, we’ll move on through the rest of the modules and convert to 3rd Edition rules when we exhaust the 2nd Edition modules.

The intent is to share this long-running campaign, the stories and history of Organized Play, with players who have not experienced it in the past. We’ll be playing with most of the same rules that were used in the campaign toward the end of the 2nd Edition era, which are cleaned up and documented here.

Living City was my first (and the first) Living campaign, which is what we called Organized Play campaigns before there was a need for a non-copyrighted name for them. It shaped most of my expectations and fondest memories of Organized Play campaigns, and I hope to share that with you, my players.

You will find that the modules and setting support the PCs as heroes, protectors of the City and its population.

Welcome to Ravens Bluff, the Living City.

Home Page

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